Tip of the day 3 ” Search for recipe, choose accompanying dishes, decide on a date for the big meal”

Search for a recipe. By now you should know what you want to make. Get out the cookbook (HOW TO COOK FOR HER) Read the instructions and ingredients and choose a recipe that you feel comfortable making — if the first one you find looks too difficult, keep looking.

Choose accompanying dishes. Depending on what your main dish is and how big a production you’ve decided to make your meal, you may want to add side dishes, a salad or a dessert. Often, entree recipes will have suggestions for side dishes and wines, or you can find an entire meal planned out.

Decide on a date for the big meal. If you’re planning on cooking today, you’re probably in a hurry — skip this step. Otherwise, make plans with your girlfriend. You can just tell her you’d like to cook dinner (or breakfast or lunch) for her, or you can surprise her. If you’re going to surprise her, make up some pretext — a good one is to tell her you’re taking her out to eat — so that she will (a) show up and (b) show up hungry.